Hill Climb Racing [2] – Why Am I Playing This?

I get that this game is a waste of time. I get that there’s no progress in it, no goals, no obstacles to pass. I get that in the long run, it doesn’t provide the same experience as  a Final Fantasy, Zelda or any other more meaningful game.

It’s fun, though. It’s also addictive. It provides short bursts of entertainment which serve amazingly well to spend those five minutes when I’m waiting for my ride, or I’m in line for something. Sadly, another thing it does amazingly well is that it drags me in past those five minutes, so I end up playing it for an hour.

Hill Climb Racing Unlock Screen

Of course! Unlock it!

For instance, I was waiting for the train yesterday. It took five minutes to get there, during which I played Hill Climb Racing. Then I continued to play it during the entire train ride, which was another fifteen minutes. Then I got out and continued to play it on the train station, instead of immediately walking home. I stood there, next to the street, like an idiot, for another 10 minutes.

During all of that, I managed to break my record on the desert and arctic stage, which got me enough money to buy the final car, which is a race car. I’m still not sure if this one is an improvement over the second vehicle, but I’ll be using it for the next while.

Anyway, then I got home and instead of playing stuff on my PC, or my PSP, I spent another half an hour on my phone, getting enough money to buy some upgrades for my new car. I’m still not sure it’s the best option for driving, but it’s definitely getting a lot better with the upgrades. It’s hard to decide which upgrades should be priority, though.