Hill Climb Racing [3] – I Can’t Believe I’m Still Playing

I hate that these games are able to suck me in so. Yeah, I’m enjoying it, but my mind keeps telling me it’s an empty enjoyment, not like a good RPG or a strategy game. Heck, even a proper platformer would provide a better long term experience. Still, it uses a cheap way to achieve this, but the game is fun and perfect for short, three minute play sessions. I’ve had a lot of those sessions, though, so I managed to get quite far ahead in it.

Hill Climb Racing, Car Upgrade Screen

Two cars maxed, one to go.

First of all, I’ve unlocked all of the levels. I’ve also reached level 5 or further on all of them. Secondly, I upgraded the monster truck as well as the race car completely. This means I only have the jeep left, and I’m hoping this to will happen soon. All of this has happened thanks to the last level I unlocked.

Playing on The Moon almost feels like cheating. Even on my worst attempts., thanks to low gravity, I get tens of thousands on each run, most of the time more than a hundred thousand. As I said, I intend to get the jeep fully upgraded very soon.

Once I do that, I’ll consider the game completed, but I probably wont be deleting it yet. It’s definitely not randomly generated, or it doesn’t look that ways, so there’s probably an end to the levels, but I don’t see a point in getting more money when there’s nothing left to upgrade. Still, I won’t be deleting it just so I can have that “let’s go for the record” factor.

For some reason, my screenshot application messes up the screenshots I take when there’s a lot of motion. Can anyone recommend a good screenshot app for Android? I don’t mind if it needs root access.

Hill Climb Racing, Screenshot Bug

It’s like it has a v-sync issue, if that’s even possible on a phone.