Final Fantasy VIII [24] – Getting There!

Over the last few days, I’ve just been spending a minor amount of time leveling my characters on the Island closest to Hell. It’s a tedious job, but I really want to get everyone too level 100 before moving on to the game’s finale. Sadly, the only way to do this effectively is to level one character at a time, with Bahamut and Cactuar junctioned to him or her, so I can also bind the four primary stat bonus abilities to them.

My plan is to first get everyone to 100, then stock up on spells and get everyone’s weapons upgraded and only then go to Lunatic Pandora and further. For now, I’m getting close to being done with leveling. Four of my six characters are at 100, one is at 50 and the last one, Selphie, hasn’t been touched.

FInal Fantasy VIII, GF Screen

The GF are getting there to.

I really can’t stress how important Quistis is for this strategy. Her Degenerator blue magic makes every fight a fast victory, apart from the few where a Marlboro attacks me from behind and I’m forced to run away. I’m also stocking up on some very nice and useful materials, which allow me to refine a nice supply of strong spells as well as medicinal items.

Leveling doesn’t take a lot of my attention, so I’m able to do it while watching TV, or doing something similar. I’ll probably be done some time tomorrow and move on to weapon upgrades.