Nethergate Ressurection [2] – Continued

I’ve been playing a little more, and have cleared most of the abandoned mine. I ran into a drake or a dragon (it’s definitely a huge lizard) named Mozanos, who wanted to die in battle so I granted him that wish. He had some nice stuff in his lair including a nice armor, and a Fury helm. The only place I didn’t explore is a room past a huge cliff because all my characters die if I jump off (ill return when I get stronger). After the mine I did a little exploring around the valley and found some locations. I met the Giant Intelligent Friendly Spiders (G.I.F.T.s) whose chief asked me to help them with a problem. It seems the female spiders keep eating them after mating so there’s less and less of them every day. I have to visit their Queen in a place far away from there and ask her what to do. I also visited an undead city, but I couldn’t do anything there (all the doors were locked) so I’ll have to return later. I also helped some Roman soldiers defend from a goblin attack, and was ambushed by some goblins myself (they wanted revenge for destroying their mine). I’ve found a goblin village but decided not to attack it (they might have a use later), and have located the residence of the three crones that seem to want to help me. I decided to take a break now and continue later.

EDIT: I have visited the three crones. Their names are Vengeance, Mystery and Desire. Desire wants me to steal a golden goblet from a temple to the north. After that I returned to the undead city and managed to open a few locks. I didn’t find much, but I did meet a spirit that asked me to burn his remains and give him peace. Some locks remained closed, so I couldn’t help him yet. To cross a bridge and continue north I had to pay a toll to some giants (they are too strong to fight now). I managed to find the Ruined Hall where the meeting I have to attend takes place, and I also had some tea with an old woman named Pearlblossom. She said she used to live in a castle, but they accused her of stealing some earrings and threw her out. Some witch on a hill to the north asked me to find two skulls that goblins to the east stole from her. I also met a hermit that wants me to deliver a message to another hermit to the north of his house, and a skeletal warrior that needs my help finding his soldiers scattered across Shadowvale. I think I have work to do 🙂

EDIT2: I went and explored the Ruined Hall. I met a faery warrior there and found out the names of my archenemies (Auberon and Titania). The papers I needed to find where in the level below the hall. On the way out the faery warrior (Dolojan) tried to ambush me so I had to kill her. After bringing the papers to the commander, he gave me my next mission. It seems the enemy is looking for three artifacts and I need to get them first. The first one is the Skull of Stone and is located in Goagh-Nar. I did some exploring and got a few quests. I also found three of the skeleton warrior’s soldiers. I stumbled in to the Vale of the Sould. It’s a facility that deals in selling souls for protection and is owned by a weir faery named Samael. He wants me to retrieve some stones from the goblin mine. They are past that deadly cliff I mentioned before. He told me I should be able to find something to help me survive the fall in the Faerie Bazaar. I went there and a merchant named Moonfire told me he can give me a wand that protects the user from falls if I help him find a Fomorian thief. I’ll do that later. I went to Vanariaum and hired a druid there before I continued to Goagh-Nar. This got me to Chapter 3.

Goagh-Nar turned out to be a Fomorian city. Their queen asked me to help them with a fomorian tribe that went crazy living in the caves beneath their city. I have to destroy some weird tablets that make them crazy. On the way down I’ve found the Skull of Stone. After destroying the tablets, the passage I used to get in got blocked so I guess now I have to fight my way out. I stopped there and will probably continue later.