Nethergate Resurrection [3] – More

I managed to escape Goagh-Nar. It turns out there’s was a secret way out to the east. When I got out, I got ambushed by sprites and they stole the Skull. The commander wasn’t pleased, but he immediately sent me to get the next artifact. It seems to be located in a castle to the southwest. I did some more exploring afterwards, solved a few quests, got a few nice items, and learned a few new spells. I’ve found the temple where the golden goblet is located that Desire wants, so I’m currently in its lower levels.

EDIT: Cleared the temple and it wasn’t easy. I brought the goblet back to the crones and got a measly resistance ring for it. Even the items I’ve found at the temple were better. I did some more training and exploring afterwards, got a kid his ball back, found another lost soldier, and now I’m at some cave where a Roman soldier asked me to help him catch some deserters that stole an artifact from him. I took a break here.