Nethergate Ressurection [7] – Purchased

This is a game I have already played through, both in its original version and in the form of this remake. However, it was just launched on steam and I pirated it the first time around, so I decided to make this right this time. The game is well worth the money, what with being a Spiderweb game.

Nethergate Splash Screen

There’s that music in my head again…

Since then, I’ve loved every single one of their games. The only series I never played extensively was Geneforge, but I intend to eventually remedy that as well. Any CRPG fan should get each and every one of these games.If you actually are a returning reader of this blog, you probably know I absolutely love games by Spiderweb Software. It started with me playing the shareware versions of their Exile series, back in the nineties. I loved the world, the mechanics, the open-endedness and the dynamic progression it had. Nethergate pulled me in with the Celtic/Roman combination of mythology and atmosphere as well as the fresh  new graphic system back then.

As I said, I already played through this one, but I got it anyway and I might play through it again,even