Nethergate Resurrection [5] – Guess what? Nethergate!

The Roman soldier was defeated, but he managed to teleport away before I could finish him. Now I have to find out where his base is. While searching the base, I ran into a griffin stuck under a huge rock. I helped him and he flew away towards the west so I decided to follow him. It was a good move, because it led me to a cliff inhabited by other griffins. After passing some tests that they’ve setup for me, I met their leader named Raven. He asked me to deliver a message for him which got me allot of experience. I’ve found the Hollow Halls where the Rose Lady lives that Desire wants me to kill. I won’t kill her jet because I think she has a quest or two for me in stock. I’ve also visited Selkiehome whose leader asked for my help with some people that hunt them. I couldn’t find the castle my commander mentioned. It should be in the southwest but it seems to be invisible. I guess I have to solve a puzzle to enter it.

EDIT: I did a little more questing. I got the jewel that fomorians stole from Moonfire and she gave me the Wand of Safe Descent. The wand helped me get the stones for Samael. In return, he taught me how to cast some powerful spells. I also killed another fomorian that was bullying some goblins. They gave me a special pen that belongs to the greatest faery inventor. I’ve also killed some fomorians dancing around an altar on a hill. It seems they where worshiping a talking skull of all things. I took the skull, and now it won’t shut up. Right now I’m fulfilling my promise to the Selkies about disposing of some creatures that are hunting them. I’ve found the location, and now I have to find the leader of the hunters. An interesting thing about Selkies is that at some point in their life they transform to seals for a while and then they turn back to their regular form. I also did some training and have bought a few nice items.