Pokemon Yellow [2] – Completing the Starter Set

I’d say it was time for some more Pokemon Yellow today, but in  truth, I actually completed several sessions over the last few days, so I’m just writing about it when I get the chance (and the willpower).

In this one, I got from Cerulean city all the way to and through the Diglett’s Cave. The first thing I did after beating Misty was to go north and get a Charmander from some random guy there. In the anime, Ash finds an abandoned Charmander (or Glumanda, as I remember it) and takes it in, but in the game, the trainer just gives it away instead of abandoning it.

Pokemon Yellow - Getting Charmander

Charmander isn’t outright abandoned in the game, but it might as well be.

I went to see Bill and got his ticket to the S.S. Anne, where I fought a bunch of trainers and mostly majorly leveled up my Pikachu. I didn’t completely neglect my other Pokemon, though, so my Charmander soon evolved to. As for Bulbasaur, I keep forgetting to cancel his evolution, but luckily, I have the rewind feature of the emulator for that. I swear I’m not using it for anything else, though.

Pokemon Yellow - Charmeleon

I didn’t get it in an actual trade, so I won’t be getting the whole “it’s not listening” issue.

I actually had to clear most of the S.S. Anne, before I finally got the HM01 – Cut from the captain. Well, technically, I only had to beat the captain, but it’s free XP and money so I cleared it anyway. Thanks to Cut, I could finally enter the gym and beat it, which was relatively simple, mostly thanks to Bulbasaur and Picachu, who I’ve thought some normal and fighting moves. That is, at least I think they’re normal and fighting moves. I can’t really be sure without googleing.

Pokemon Yellow - S.S. Anne

Time for some money and XP.

After clearing the gym, I also got Squirtle from a local officer Jenny (Schiggy from the German dub). In the anime, Ash befriends a leader of a local Squirtle gang instead.  Now I have another Pokemon  whose evolution I keep cancelling.

Pokemon Yellow - Squirtle

A water type, just in time for a cave full of ground types. How did they know!?

Finally, I got to the Diglett’s Cave and went through it, mostly with the help of my new Squirtle. Next up, I’ll go back to Pewter city to get the old amber from the back of the museum. Again, it’s not something Ash did, but I want it for my collection anyway.