Prince of Persia (PC), Part 1

This one is finally out, so I’ve been playing allot of it to. I’ve completed 13 out of a total of 24 levels (or 14 out of 25 if you count the temple). The Warrior is destroyed and I got two of the four powers with the third one really close (I need a little over 20 light seeds). Besides The Warrior, I’ve also fought the Concubine and the Alchemist. Right now, I’m getting ready for some backtracking, since I’ve completed all of the available levels, but I still don’t have a new power. I like the direction this game is going. It’s much simpler than the Sands of Time series, but it’s also more fun.

EDIT: I’ve got another power and with it, I’ve managed to complete three more levels. That makes it 16/24. Right now, I’m ready to face The Concubine for the last time.