Towns – It’s Dwarf Fortress for regular people!

This one is long overdue here.

Towns is a city building game with a large degree of freedom. You start with a group of people, or goblins, to be more precise, in the middle of the wilderness. Your job is to use these people to create a town and to make it as big, as specialized, as complex, as imaginative as you want it to be. Basically, there is no goal, just your imagination and wishes.

You need to take care of the food supply, gather resources, equip your villagers with armour and weapons, build them homes and workshops, organize defences against sieges, basically handle anything a flourishing little town in a fantasy world needs handled.

Towns - Early Game Screenshot

Your creativity is the only thing needed for beautifully looking towns.

It also just so happens that the place you’re building your town at is located above an extremely deep and extremely dangerous dungeon, so there’s that to. Of course, there are awesome rewards in that dungeon, so you need to also attract heroes to your town, so that they may explore it and fight it’s denizens.

Why do you do all of this? Because you like it, and for no other reason. This is a game for a very specific audience with very specific desires and on that note, it completely delivers. Once you also realize that it’s still very much in alpha and find out the ambitious plans of the developers, you will love it even more.

If you played Dwarf Fortress, you will probably like this game. If you wanted to play Dwarf Fortress, but couldn’t push through the learning curve, or didn’t feel like it, you will LOVE this game. Go get it, now! While you’re at it, be sure to stop by Sipsville on your way there. It’s a great little town with an extremely funny mayor. He’s also planning on building a fortress in the northern region, so if you’re ever near those parts, be sure to visit.

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