Eufloria [2] – Completed!

It took a lengthy session to complete this game, but I did it, just a few minutes ago.

The third world was called Outer Colonies, and it wasn’t too hard. As far as I can remember at this time, I only had to restart one level. Overall, it was mostly a world with typical conquer-all levels. The fourth world, Deep Space, was a lot more creative, with a level where you couldn’t build anything and one where you had to run from the enemy until you could increase your numbers enough to beat him. Due to these special levels, it was also a fast world, with the longest mission taking me 21 minutes to beat. In comparison, level 14 of the Outer Colonies, called Liberation, took me over an hour.

The final world, also had a few creative levels, but most ended with me conquering everything. Naturally, the very final level, The Centre Cannot Hold, was the hardest. I probably restarted it a dozen times before finally beating it. I’m not even sure how I did it in the end, since I didn’t change my strategy much compared to previous attempts.

Eufloria, Final Level

The final level had a dark theme.

Now that the game is won, I have access to bonus modes, but I really don’t feel like playing those. I got a total of 9 out of 18 achievements, and from the description, I think I could unlock a few more with relative ease, but I don’t feel the game is good enough to spend more time than necessary. It’s fun and relaxing, definitely beautiful, but nothing to deep. If I had a tablet, it’d probably have a permanent place on it, but there’s to many games in my backlog not to move on.The gist of it was to capture another large asteroid right at the start and then slowly conquer an area closer to the edge, since being at the centre would mean all the opponents would focus on me. Once I got out of their way, they mostly kept busy killing each other, keeping their numbers relatively small and allowing me to pick them off one by one. Once I got one of the two huge asteroids, I could launch assaults more easily and the game was pretty much won.