Faerie Solitaire [2] – Grinding Through

Faerie Solitaire is not a very fun game, but for some reason, I feel compelled to complete it. I’ve already put close to ten hours into it and I’m slowly reaching the end. Today, I managed to complete stage 7, meaning there’s only one last stage left.

Faerie Solitaire - Cut Scene

The game has good narration, but the story isn’t very compelling.

As for the achievements, I got a bunch of them, but some of the ones I haven’t unlocked yet seem to be even more grindy. One of them actually requires me to get all the pets and evolve them. The pet’s drop at random, so it takes nothing but time to get them, and they evolve after a set amount of time spent playing the game, meaning even more of a time requirement.

Basically, I don’t think I’ll be completing those. Still, I could try the challenges, at least, and skip the time hogs.