Nethergate Resurrection [1] – A Spiderweb Game

It’s a shareware game from Spiderweb software. I love other games from them so I decided to try this one. I chose the Roman side and started a new game. My party is made up from a spear fighter, a standard sword/shield warrior, a missile user (that also picks locks), and a general magic user. I’ve spent some time cleaning up the starting city (Shadow Valley Fort) and picking up everything that isn’t nailed down. After selling all that stuff I spoke to the commander and received a quest to retrieve a satchel from a nearby abandoned mine (cliché, anyone?). Off course the mine turned out to be infested with goblins. After fighting a bit, I ran in to a giant lizard and my main character got killed. Naturally, the last time I saved was before I even entered the mine. Grrrr….

EDIT: I’m being careful about saving now. I’ve found the satchel, and returned to town to give it to the commander and restock. I got a new mission to go to a Hall and find out what’s happening on a meeting there, but I decided to return to the mine first. The mine  goes deeper than the level where I found the satchel so I decided to explore for a bit. I’m at level 3 now, and fighting mostly lizards and cave rats. The missile guy will have a problem because javelins are scarce, but for now, I’m doing ok…

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