Nethergate Resurrection [6] – Yeah, Nethergate…

It seems the Selkies weren’t telling me everything. I’ve found the witches that rule Hagfen and they told me the only reason they’re hunting Selkies is because they killed one of their sisters. I spoke to the Selkies chieftain and he admitted this, but still refuses to end the feud. I guess I’ll have to pick a side in this one. I think the witches will be going down, but not yet because they can teach me some useful skills. I’m wandering around trying to collect some money to pay for the training in these skills before I kill them (hey, I took the evil Roman side, so I might as well be evil). The talking skull actually has some useful things to say. It pointed me in the direction of some powerful Nether spells. Thanks to it, I now know how to cast the spells Create Elixir and Hero of Old. Create Elixir uses up one skill point, but creates some powerful potions in return. Hero of old, on the other hand, temporarily turns one character in to an all powerful killing machine. While looking Sylak’s artifacts; Sylak’s Eternal Candle. No more need for carrying around candles and torches when exploring caves and dungeons. Besides the candle, I now own Sylak’s Exuberant Trash, Sylak’s Talking Skull and Sylak’s Clever Pen. I’ve also solved a few miscellaneous quests, and gained a few levels. I took a break here and will continue later.

EDIT: After killing some basilisks, I managed to find another Sylak’s artifact; Sylak’s Chaotic Dice. All it seems to do is roll a number, but it might have a hidden use like the skull. I also managed to finally enter the invisible castle. It seems there was no puzzle. All I needed to do is walk into an empty space where the gate should be. This got me to Chapter IV, Cathrac’s Eye. In the meantime, the Skull told me there’s a Nether Arts spell in the Burial Glen, and the Vale of the Sould. To get the eye, I had to kill the king’s brother. It was a long dungeon crawl through the castle. I got allot of experience and items which I sold for lots and lots of money. On the way out the sprites tried to steal the eye from me, but a Roman Legion came to help me. I gave them the eye and returned to the Fort. The commander had bad news. It seems someone stole the eye from the warehouse during the night. They actually dug u tunnel underneath the fort. The commander ordered me to clear the tunnel. After doing this, I got my next mission. I have to collect a crown from Annwn, the land of the dead. It seems there is a gate that can lead me there somewhere between Shadow Valley Fort and Nethergate. I decided to visit the Burrow Glen to get a spell the Skull told me about. I’ve found the altar that teaches me the spell, but it seems I didn’t meet the requirements to learn it. I will return to it later. I did finally burn the remains of that lost soul from the beginning of the game. I then returned to Hagfen and solved a pushing block puzzle which led me to the pelts the Selkies want. After delivering the pelts and getting the number five key (I already have 1 trough 4), I decided to kill the Selkies chieftain and skin him (evil, bwahahaha…). In exchange for the pelts, I got three points in craft circle. It still isn’t enough to cast Break Barrier which is probably the most important craft circle spell. Leaving Hagfen, I stumbled into a sprite village. Their chief asked me to kill a mean Fomorian that was attacking and eating them. In return, they gave me nothing except some experience. Solving miscellaneous quests, I acquired a few more Sylak’s artifacts including Sylak’s Dancing Cloth, Sylak’s Assisting Horn and Sylak’s Efficient Mortar

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