Avadon: Black Fortress – 15. Fall of Oghrym’Tor

As I arrived to Dhorl Stead, I was greeted by militia. They hate their lord, they know he has done wrong, but still they want to defend him and their home. Sadly, I was forced to fight them. I fought my way to the gates of Oghrym’Tor and soon met the Wayfahrer. He didn’t have any task for me this time, he only asked if I feel regret for what is happening. I admitted I do and he left.

Oghrym’Tor was devoid of any guards or soldiers. I’ve reached the throne room, and Carsta’Arl was there, waiting for me. He tried to justify what he had the wizard do, and ended up escaping thanks to some powers the wizard granted him. I went in the only open direction and soon encountered and fought his wife, Antja.

After she was defeated, a new passage opened. I fought through the rooms of the fort for a long time and eventually reached Carsta again. He was waiting for me in the center of the fort. This was definitely a hard battle, but eventually, he fell. He dropped an excellent sword and shield, so my blademaster will be switching to those again.

I won, but it was a bittersweet victory. On one hand, Carsta and his wizard did horrible thing, but on the other, it is a shame that the people of Dhorl Stead got caught in the crossfire. I don’t think this Pact will last for long, and I’m starting to think I will be its downfall. I reported the events to Miranda and she sent me to Redbeard for my next mission.