Avernum VI – 1. From a Lowly Goblin Slayer

I’m a big fan of the series, but somehow I missed the release of what is supposed to be the last game. If you played any Avernum game, there is not much to say about it in here. There are no towns this time, and I can’t remember if there were in Avernum V.

Everything is one giant map, with a separate huge map of the various caves and lairs that you visit. This time, a savage tribe of Slithzerikai is threatening the Avernites, and some strange blight is destroying all of their food. People are leaving Avernum and fleeing to the surface. My party is just a group of soldiers whose job is to kill rats under the main food storage for all Avernites.

After investigating a storage breach by goblins and killing their leader, I find out that the Slithzerikai are somehow behind it. This sends me The Castle where I get my main mission. My job is to stabilize the situation in The Great Cave and try to find out as much about the Blight and the Slithzerikai as possible while doing this.

Long story short, I solved a few side quests, learned how to use the portals in various towns so I can travel faster, and resolved a food hoarding situation in one of the major towns. My characters got a few levels, and I already managed to acquire some nice gear, but the game is just starting. I just hope I will get the chance to play it some more before the exams start again.