Dragon Age: Origins, Part 2

The game is nowhere near to being completed, but I did make lots of progress. I went to the town of Redcliffe to try and get an ally but it was overrun by the undead. They would come out of the castle every night and no one knew if anyone in there was still alive. After repelling one of the attacks, I decided to get in and see what’s going on. It turns out, the blood mage that I helped escape from the mage tower was hired by the wife of the local lord (can’t remember his name) to try and teach his son magic so he could hide his talents and avoid being drafted by the mages. The kid decided it would be a good idea to bargain with a demon in order to cure his father (who was secretly being poisoned by the blood mage) and, of course, all hell broke loose.

Anyway, I had three options. I could kill the kid, sacrifice his mother to enter the fade and kill the demon, or go to the mage tower and ask for help there. Of course, being a really nice guy, I opted for the third option.

Arriving back at the mages tower, I found out it’s being overrun by abominations created by one of the mages in there. I guess blood magic is really in this year. Anyway, I had to clear the entire tower and save the high enchanter. I also managed to get a new party member. This one is a healer so she was extremely useful throughout the tower. After freeing them, the mages agreed to help me save the kid so that’s the next thing I did. It was a bit hard to battle the demon by myself but luckily I had a bunch of potions that I didn’t use since the beginning of the story, so I managed to brute force her down.

Mind you, all of this happened about a week ago (a day after the last time I posted here) and I haven’t been playing since. Actually, the only thing I’ve been playing was World of Warcraft.