Etrian Odyssey III: The Drowned City – 3. Giant Fish

Since my computer is working again, my DS is kind off on the bench lately. Worry not though, exams are coming up soon, so I will be riding the train a lot if you catch my drift. I was on a train today also, so I’ve spent some time in the game. I’ve also played a bit a few days ago, but I forgot to write about it, so I might have some issues recollecting everything.

Anyways, I managed to find the way to the fourth level, encountering the lost ninja on the way and helping him avoid some angry hippos (extra dangerous monsters on level 3). Before I went down the stairs to level 4, I returned to town to get a new mission from Via Senatus. I am to kill a giant fish that lives in the swamps of level 4. I can’t proceed further down to level 5 before I do this.

The fish was in the last huge room, as expected and I also found the passage further, but I couldn’t go through it with the fish still alive. I prepared my team, including a prince I decided to accept into the guild as a replacement for Rodney in the main team. Rodney will now be exclusively leading the peon team to gather raw materials. I attacked the giant fish and managed to get it to about 60% health before it kicked my ass. Sadly, it seems I will have to change my strategy, or even train up for a bit before attempting this again.

I recovered and entered the labyrinth again. I went down to level 4 to map the rest of the area first, and then I’ve spent some time on levels 3 and 4 to train up for a bit. Once I felt I was strong enough, I decided to try and tackle one of the dangerous giant lizards at level 2. I managed to kill one and sell his remains at the market, which allowed me to get a new, stronger spear crafted for Charles. This allowed me to go and kill more lizards and also to find a Power Book in a hidden passage guarded by one of them. Michael read the book, which increased his strength to 20, so he will also be hitting harder. I still think that I need to train more before attempting to kill the fish again, but I am positive I’m getting there now.

Anyways, that’s as far as I got on the train, so you will probably be getting an update sometime next week, during my next ride.