Final Fantasy VIII [9] – The Missile Base

The base was uneventful. I was basically just walking back and forth, disguised as a Galbadian soldier, trying to find a way to mess things up. Some lazy maintenance guys decided not to do their job, so they asked me to replace them. This got me access to an area that was off limits, so I managed to do some things there which put everyone on alert.

After some fights, I finally got access to a missile control station. I couldn’t change the target, but I did manage to set the error ratio to the maximum, which, I’m guessing, would make the missiles fire in a wider spread, instead of focusing on a single area.

Final Fantasy VIII, Selphie, Here Goes Nothing


I was doing all of this at around 3:00 in the morning, because I got some sort of cold, which woke me up. I had that annoying sensation of being extremely thirsty which you get when you have a bad cold, so I decided to make myself some chamomile tea. While the water was heating up and while I was drinking the tea, I was destroying a Galbadian army base. Fun stuff!After that, I got to the central control room and managed to activate the base self-destruct. I decided to be bad-ass and set up a minimal time limit of 10 minutes. I got back outside and was attacked by a tank of some kind. The fight wasn’t hard, but the time limit was making it very exciting. In the end, I’ve managed to beat it with less than 30 seconds to spare. The game keeps the group trapped in the base, though, so it looks as though they are gone in the explosion.