Gothic [12] – Finding Xardas

I’m pretty sure I’m getting close to the end of Gothic, because a lot of stuff happened today.

I Got Through a Plot Point

First, I immediately went through the woods, towards the Old Camp. As I approached the bridge, I got attacked by the two guards there. For a moment, I thought I did something wrong so I’m going to have to reload my game. I was just about to do it, when I saw Milton across the bridge, so I went to talk to him.

Gothic - Milton

Milton made it even more obvious that he, Lester, Gorn and Diego are buddies.

It turns out, the guards went nuts and killed all of the fire mages, so the bridge guards attacking me was supposed to happen. I like how this part of the story was introduced. The Old Mine collapsed, so Gomez and his goons decided they need to take over the Free Mine, belonging to the new camp. The mages disagreed, so Gomez had them killed. It’s not some prophecy, it wasn’t supposed to happen, it’s just bad timing. It makes the story feel more real.

Gothic - Diego

Diego was on the other side of the Old Camp. He had more info on the mine collapse.

Again, the way Milton was talking made it even more obvious that he, Gorn, Lester, and now Diego are all good friends. He asked me to tell the other three to meet at their “usual place” and sent me to Diego, who was supposed to be lurking at the other entrance to the Old Camp.

Then the game crashed….

I reloaded and I was back at Saturas. I did the same thing all over again, except this time, I didn’t drink the dexterity potions, so I didn’t “waste” those. Also, I did some shopping and bought an awesome amulet with 20 extra strength, as well as a ring with a lot of resistances.

Gothic - The New Sword

The sword I bought from Scorpio looks awesome.

This time, I also took the official route towards the Old Camp, through the two hunting camps. I saw Scorpio at Calvalorn’s camp. He disagreed with what the guards did, so he fled. He had some excellent weapons on him, so I bought an awesome new sword and got rid of some of the junk in my inventory. I also bought the strongest bow Calvalorn had, meaning I now had probably the strongest gear I could get at this point.

I Reported Back to New Camp

I went and spoke to Milton again and this time, I even managed to get to Diego. He gave me some more info about the Old Mine collapsing and told me there was a raid heading for the Free Mine. I immediately warped to the New Camp and told Saturas everything. The mine was already taken, though, so it was too late for that.

Since I was now officially exiled from the Old Camp, I was told to speak to Lee, who made me a mercenary of the New Camp. I was also immediately promoted all the way up, so I was able to buy the heavy mercenary armor, which is the equivalent of the heavy guard armor from the Old Camp. I’m not sure if I was ever able to actually get the heavy guard armor, which looked much nicer, but this will do.

Gothic - Job Change

And just like that, I’m now a high-ranking mercenary of the New Camp.

After that, I went and spoke to Saturas again, who also made me a water mage and got me my first robe. I thought the robe would be crap, but it’s actually almost as strong as the armor. The next robe will probably be an upgrade.

Gothic - Character Sheet

The character sheet is simple, but the change in stats matters a lot.

Finally, I got the next big story revelation. I need to find Xardas, the necromancer mage who left the Old Camp and built a tower for himself in the orc country. To get to him, I need to figure out how to get rid of his golem guards and for that, I can go to the water mages’ library.

I Fought the Three Golems

The library did have a book about golems, but it seemed simple to figure out anyway. I mean, I already killed the stone golem in one of my previous “visits”. It was a good thing I did it to, because the book said it can only be damaged by blunt weapons, and I sold the mace I used to kill it. The book also said needed fire spells for the frost golem and wind, cold or lightning spells for the fire golem. I had plenty of scrolls, so I just teleported to the Sect Camp and made my way towards the tower.

Gothic - Frost Golem

With Fire Bolt, the frost golem wasn’t an issue.

The frost golem was easy to kill. Two fire bolts were enough to get rid of it. The problem was the fire golem. It turns out I only had an ice block spell in my inventory and I couldn’t even hit it with that one. I tried it a few times, but it just wouldn’t work. I then tried porting to the Sect Camp to buy a couple of Fist of Wind scrolls, but those wouldn’t work either. At least this time, I decided not to take a shortcut and instead opted to fight orcs and monsters along the way to the tower. This got me an extra level before I got back to the fire golem. Still, Fists of Wind wouldn’t do damage to it either.

Gothic - Fire Golem

It took me an hour before I finally got the correct spell and beat the fire golem.

I took the bite and ported to the New Camp as well, where I finally learned the first magic circle and bought myself the Ice Bolt rune. That one worked like a charm and the final golem was finally dead (pun not intended).

I Met Xardas

It was just in time to, because in the tower it was guarding, I met Xardas’ demon familiar, who wanted proof of me killing the three golems. I gave him the items I looted from the remains and he teleported me to the real tower of Xardas, which was nearby.¬†Xardas spoke to me, said the ore plan would fail and revealed where I needed to go next. I need to find an exiled orc shaman and find out how to get rid of the Sleeper, which is actually a demon.

Gothic - Xardas

Is it just me, or does Xardas sound like Mel Brooks?

Next up, finding the shaman…