Gothic [14] – The Plot Resolves?

Last time in Gothic, which was a while ago, I was given the task to kill four monsters, take parts of their remains and bring them to the orc slave in the Free Mine, so he could craft me an item. I fully expected this to take several sessions, since the monsters I needed to kill were kind of rare, but I ended up finding them extremely fast.

All of this happened on May 6th of 2013.

I Killed the Four Monsters

Each monster ended up being at the same spot I already encountered one for the first time. First, I found the troll on the clearing where I fought one with Diego. This time, I didn’t have a Shrink Monster spell, but I did have a much stronger weapon and stronger armor, so I ended up killing the troll the regular way. He did manage to hit me once, which took away about half of my health, but he never got a second chance.

Gothic - Troll

Step 1 – Kill Troll.

After the troll, I went for the fire lizards, but I got distracted by a lone tower on top of a cliff. It had a ladder leading into the caves below it. The caves were filled with skeletons and a lone skeletal mage at the bottom. I didn’t get any important loot from it, but I got a lot of experience, a nice vista and I lost close to an hour of my time.

Gothic - Tower

Step 1.5 – Explore strange tower. Waste an hour.

It was time well spent, though. Fighting skeletons takes some skill, so I had fun doing it.

Gothic - Tower Dock

Step 1.7 – Find nice vista at the bottom of the tower dungeon. Worth the hour.

A single fire lizard respawned at the shipwreck where I first encountered several of them. I hate fighting these things, because they charge and hit insanely fast, but killing just one of them was simple.

Gothic - Fire Lizard

These assholes charge you like they’re on drugs. Annoying!

I killed a swamp shark close to the Sect Camp, as expected. Swamp sharks aren’t rare at all, so I didn’t expect to have a hard time finding them. I never killed one before, because I was too weak back when I was doing quests for the Brotherhood, so I ended up clearing the entire swamp this time. This and the monsters I already killed got me close to two more levels. I also managed to enter the hut of the poor guy I saw getting killed by swamp sharks back when I was gathering swamp weed. I never managed to find his body, though. His hut was pretty much empty to.

Gothic - Swamp shark

Swamp sharks are difficult to fight. They move in a weird way.

Gothic - Cooking

I had to take a quick fry-stop after the swamp shark cleanup.

Finally, I went to search the woods between the Brotherhood and the Old Camp because I already managed to kill a shadow beast there in the past. This time, there were two of them, but I managed to separate them from each other and take them on one at a time.

Gothic - Shadow Beasts

Shadow beasts are easy now.

I Got the Ulu-Mulu

The orc slave made me the Ulu-Mulu instantly, and I also got a whopping 10 000 experience points, which I believe got my another level, though my memory is a bit hazy on that one.

I Got New Armor

I used my rune to teleport to Saturas, who gave me the next level robe as a reward. As expected, this one was stronger than the heaviest mercenary armor. It had the same physical stats, with an added magical resistance, which the mercenary armor didn’t have at all.

Gothic - Mage Robe

My new robe was great, but it didn’t last long…

I put the armor on, but it wasn’t on me for a long time. I went to Wolf to check up on the crawler plate armor and that one was ready as well. This one was weaker on the magic department, but it had higher physical stats, so I decided to use it, but also take the robe with me to switch as necessary.

Gothic - Crawler Armor

… because I got the crawler plate armor immediately after.

I Entered the Orc City

I used my rune to teleport to Xardas and made my way towards the bone bridge on the entrance to the orc city. Once there, I equipped the Ulu-Mulu and as expected, the orcs did not attack, though they did grunt aggressively the whole time I was there. The orc shaman who helped me was waiting right next to the bridge, for some reason to.

Gothic - The Shaman

The shaman was waiting for me by the bridge.

I got in and explored everything, taking a huge amount of items, potions and scrolls, before I got stuck. There was only one possible way forward, through a closed gate with a lever next to it, but using the lever gave me a message that it won’t budge.

Gothic - Orc Bridge

The Ulu-Mulu better work.

I was running around aimlessly for a bit, before I remembered the shaman before the bridge. I went back to speak to him and he told me what I needed to do. I can either do something with the Sleeper altar where a bunch of shamans were praying, or I can find a spell scroll from inside the throne chamber and use it to teleport past the gate. Since I already had the scroll without realizing, I opted for the later.

Gothic - Orc Teleport

I used a scroll to teleport inside the temple.

I Entered the Sleeper Temple

I got inside the sleeper temple and switched back to my sword, since the Ulu-Mulu was a lousy weapon.

The first few rooms of the temple were swarming with skeletons, I’m guessing from all the orc workers I heard about from various NPCs leading up to this. They looked like human skeletons, though, so I might be wrong, or it might just be that it was easier on the budget to use human skeletons everywhere.

Gothic - Sleeper Temple

The temple was swarming with skeletons. I can handle a few of them, but not too many.

I fought through a few rooms, solved a couple of easy puzzles and then got stuck on one. I decided to stop here, because it was getting late. I ended up not playing for a week after this. Lucky for you, I also suck at keeping schedule, so the next posting will probably come way faster than that.