Gothic [15] – Not Quite There Yet

The Sleeper Temple, which I think is the final dungeon is a big place. I wasn’t able to complete it in one sitting. It was a relatively short sitting, true, but still.

The following happened on May 13th, 2013.

I Explored the Sleeper Temple

Last time in Gothic, I just managed to get inside the temple and was stuck on a puzzle involving a room with three switches. This time, I instantly solved the puzzle, but I had no idea how. When I loaded the game, I was standing next to the switch with the yellow skull and I moved it. Suddenly, a mechanism activated and a gate in the main chamber opened up. I hate that I basically solved the puzzle by accident, but oh well.

Gothic - Dark Tunnel

My Light rune was invaluable in some parts of the temple.

I went through the gate and eventually got to a large branching area, where I started meeting new enemies – orc temple guards. These guys block most of my hit, so I ended up being forced to fight them with their backs towards the nearest wall, so they couldn’t dodge or parry. Still, fighting more than two usually meant I would die, so I had to be careful and lure them off one by one.

Gothic - Character Sheet

I got a lot of experience in the temple, and a lot of skill points I can’t really use.


I also met one of Cor Kalom’s templar, as well as various other templar fanatics, so I guess they’re inside the Sleeper Temple to. Fighting these guys was even more annoying, because they’re considered human NPC’s, so I have to do the execution move one each of them in order to completely kill them. The final two enemies were an ever stronger form of the minecrawler and several lesser demons, not unlike the one that gave me a riddle when I was looking for Xardas.

I Killed a Shaman or Two

The goal of the temple, according to my journal, was to find a total of five undead orc shamans, who were somehow responsible for the Sleeper (I didn’t completely get that part). Each of them carries a magical weapon which I needed. I managed to find three. The first one was easy to kill, because he tried to attack me in melee. The second one used a fire spell, so there was some danger, but I still got him before he got me. The third one was easier to kill, using a thunder spell, but he was behind a tougher puzzle, so there was that.

Gothic - Undead Shaman

Most of the dialogue with the three shamans I fought was horrible.

Actually, the puzzle wasn’t that tough, it was just confusing due to game mechanics. On the way to the chamber with the shaman, I went past several drawings with two archers aiming at a target. By the time I got to the chamber, it was obvious I was supposed to hit an object above a tomb. This lowered the gate leading out of the room, but also opened up a passage to a small crypt. There was a sarcophagus inside the crypt, but I couldn’t figure out what to do with it, so it felt like I was stuck.

Gothic - Arrow Target

The game strongly hinted I need to shoot the target. The part after was confusing.

After a while, I finally figured it out. There was a gem on the sarcophagus which I needed to push as a button, but the game didn’t really indicate I could interact with it. I had to basically stumble my way around it, pushing the Up Arrow and the Use button at random until I got it. I got through that and soon after, solved another puzzle where I again had to shoot at a target, but this time with a crossbow.

I Went Through a Volcanic Area

After that, I got into a huge area full of lava pools (or is it magma?) which basically looked like an underground city. After a bunch of puzzles, including a weird, water based elevator and a trap which released a bunch of lesser demons, I got some stat increasing potions, a huge two handed ax called Troll Fist and access to an area with another orc.

Gothic - Lava Area

This is the first lava area of the game, I think.

This time, it wasn’t a shaman and my one handed Berserker Sword couldn’t harm him, so I was forced to run away. The game outright told me this guy wasn’t related to the shamans, but it also told me I needed “a different weapon” in order to kill him. I figured the Troll Fist, which I just got, might be the answer, but it was a two-handed ax. Still, I decided to give it a shot.

Gothic - Orc Boss

This is where the “special” orc boss was, and where the game crashed on me.

Then the game crashed, so I decided it’s the perfect time to take a break.