Might and Magic Book One [20] – Game Guides

Might and Magic Book One is done and I’m getting ready for Book Two, which I hope to start playing after I’m done with The Walking Dead. In the meantime, I used some of my spare time to compile all of my notes and maps into a guide. I split it ┬áinto three parts…

Might and Magic Book One Guides

I would advise you not to use these guides if you want to truly experience Might and Magic Book One, but if you lack the time for a 150 hour playthrough, these guides should shave off a huge part of that time.

I would like to also direct your attention to the best thing that came out of this playthrough, at least in my eyes. I’ve joined all of the overworld maps into one huge map, cleaned it up a bit and added labels to some important locations.

Might and Magic Book One - Map of the World of Varn

My pride and joy! All overworld areas combined into one huge map.

If you ask me, it looks absolutely amazing. Feel free to download it, share it, do whatever you please with it. I wouldn’t mind a link back to this place, or at least a comment below, because It feels great to know that I have readers, but in all honesty, surfing the net a few years from now and finding this map somewhere would be the best thing ever.