Ys: Origin [9] – That’s no Puzzle!

I’ve moved on through Guilty Fire, learning my fire skill, which I like a lot, and soon reaching the Devil’s Corridor. This time, the puzzle was not as simple as with Yunica, and I have to admit, I’ve used google to get past it. First of all, getting the fruit for the cute creature the name of which I forgot again involved using the mask that shows hidden paths, instead of just using my wind skill to get over the gap. Actually, come to think of it, I might have been able to use the mask with Yunica to, but just never thought of it, since whirlwind was enough. Secondly, I didn’t get the harmonica and the creature didn’t teach me a song. Instead, I got a hammer.

Ys: Origin - Hugo's Sword Scene in Guilty Fire

Yunica is the token valiant heroine, while Huge is the token misunderstood asshole.

After googling, I’ve learned I have to use the hammer on one of the pillars in the previous outside area between two floors. The pillar has a crack on it if you look close enough. Apparently, it’s through the pipes in the pillar that the toxic mist gets to devil’s corridor. Seriously, screw that puzzle. How the hell was I supposed to know that? I mean, I talked to everyone in game and no one even hinted at it to my knowledge.

Anyway, moving on, I’ve dealt with lighting the torches for the construct key and then fought the construct. The fight seemed easy enough, but I kept making silly mistakes, so it took me a few tries. With killing him, I got to the Silent Sands area and ended my session.