Ys: Origin [7] – Hugo Fact

Apparently, Hugo wakes up at the other Roda tree, at the opposite side of the tower. Compared to Yunica, he seems much more confident in his abilities, to the point of arrogance. He also plays much differently. His main attack is ranged, shooting parallel missiles in the direction he’s facing. Once I use boost, he shoots 2 additional missiles, for 5 in total.

Ys: Origin - Hugo's View of the Tower

Hugo starts out at the second Roda tree.

I expected the story to be different, but it turns out it’s more or less Yunica and Hugo switching places, or at least that’s what it looks like right now. Of course, we have a different character now, so the events play out differently, but it’s not two parallel stories as I thought it would be.

I played up to the water area, the name of which I managed to forget again, and got to level 10. My first skill is again wind based, but this time, it’s a shield which blocks one or several attacks, depending on being charged or not. It also does a small amount of damage to enemies extremely close to Hugo and slows down Hugo’s falling speed. I expected a sorcerer to be more skill focused, but the way it looks like now, he uses skills more rarely than Yunica. We’ll see what the lightning skill will do.

Ys: Origin - The Darklings

The strangers are apparently called “The Darklings”

Instead of the first boss being the bat demon, I’ve fought Epona. She seemed really tough at first, because I kept trying to dodge everything and wait for my chance to attack, but eventually, I realized it’s better to use my shield constantly and just shoot her at point-blank range. She had very little health, so I killed her before she killed me.

The second boss was the same beast demon Yunica fought. The fight took longer, since Hugo does less damage, but I think it was easier overall. The shield helped me nullify the most dangerous attacks and made it much easier to climb on the bosses head when he was stunned.

Anyway, I saved my game at the start of the water area and ended my session.