Ys: Origin [12] – Another Ending

I’ve cleared the rest of the game in one sitting, for the most part. I got to the last boss, but then took a break before grinding for a level in order to beat him more easily. Most of the bosses on the way were quite easy even without grinding, all thanks to gaining a couple of levels before beating the mantis boss.

Ys: Origin, Top of the Tower

The top of the tower offers a nice view.

Hugo also had to deal with a loss, but it wasn’t his brother, as I sort of expected, but Epona. Later on, he I had to fight the axe wielding warrior and found out he’s actually Epona’s brother. I also fought Toal and Zava, but both were beaten on the first attempt. Honestly, most of the bosses after the mantis were very easy, other than the final boss, though he wasn’t much harder. I decided to grind before killing him, but as it turns out, I managed to beat him at level 51 without even using the resurrection item I got. Come to think of it, I didn’t need to use the item with Yunica either.

Anyway, as usual, the younger characters decided to stay on the surface, while the leaders transported to the shrine and then the game ended.

Ending the game unlocked Toal as a playable character as well as Hugo as a character in time attack mode. I decided to try my luck with time attack on easy and managed to beat it with Yunica. Now that this is done, what’s remaining is beating the game with Toal and then I might consider it 100% complete. Technically, that wouldn’t clear all of the achievements, but some of them are just too much of a time sink for comfort. I have other games to play to.