Ys: Origin [10] – Rado’s Annex Revisited

Silent Sands seemed a bit on the difficult side, but gaining a few levels fixed that. I got all the items, including the Evil Ring I knew I’m going to need pretty quickly. I’m now also sure that all of those secret areas marked by symbols on the floor or walls are supposed to be accessed by the magical mask you get at the start of the game. Sure, some of them can be reached by jumping, using the wind skill or double jumping, but all of them can more easily be reached via the mask.

Ys: Origin, Rado's Annex

It’s this place again!

I got to Rado’s Annex and fought the demon Zava summoned. I found it slightly harder than with Yunica, but I still managed to beat it on my first try. I got to the door and then returned to charge the Evil Ring. It seems you can’t charge it until you actually get it and talk to the people waiting at the evil door. After that was done, I spoke to the captured goddess, took the key and opened the door to the rest of the Silent Sands. Due to lots of talking, all of this took a bit long, so I ended my session.

On a side note, Hugo is a complete ass. Every time someone tries to be understanding or helpful, he just screams at them. I get that he’s supposed to be a troubled person, but it really gets annoying.