Ys: Origin [8] – Fire and Water

I’ve encountered Epona in the sunken prison again. She summoned two bat demons this time, but they turned on her, so I only had to fight one of them, while she was dealing with the other. I’m not sure if I mentioned this, but I’m playing the game at Hard difficulty this time, so the boss didn’t fall as fast as I had hoped. After a few tries, though, I did manage to kill it. After some more exploring, I’ve found my lightning skill, which drops a mine at my position. I soon also found my first topaz, allowing me to charge the skill. The charged version drops a mine that does more damage and has a larger blast radius.

With the help of the mine, I killed the centipede boss, but it was a really tough fight. I actually had to train to level 18 in order to get through it, but it was still very difficult and I barely made it after several tries. The next area, Guilty Fire, was easy to deal with due to the extra levels. Similarly to Yunica, I’ve first rescued one of the sorceresses, who seems to have a crush on Hugo. Then I met lady Feena and she was taken by the enemy. This time, though, it was the clawed man that I had to fight and lose to. There was a revelation before the fight to, but this one was much bigger than “I killed your father”, though it was still kind of expected. The clawed man is a traitor of Ys and Hugo’s brother, Toal.

Ys: Origin - Hugo vs Toal

Sibling rivalry.

After Hugo lost the fight, Toal wanted to kill him, but the rest of the rescue team got there in time to save him. Everyone teleported back to the ground level and that’s where I ended my session.