Faerie Solitaire [1] – Just Solitaire

Yes, I did it. I “won” Faerie Solitaire on SteamGifts.com a while ago, but never got around to even installing it. I say “won” because it was a special 25.000 copy giveaway, meaning anyone who entered got it.

What’s there to say? Fairy Solitaire is a game, a solitaire game. Well, it’s not really a solitaire game. It’s a card game that kind of works like solitaire, except you don’t organize your cards in stack by color. Instead, you just chain combos of cards in a sequence. The longer the sequence you manage to create, the more points you get.┬áThere’s also a story through all this. You use these combos to free captured fairies, because you are their chosen champion, a protector of magical creatures. You also earn money through combos, which lets you buy upgrades. Finally, you can find magical pets throughout your journey. You can then train them and evolve them, but they don’t really do anything, other than being there, in your collection.

Faerie Solitaire - Pet Screen

The pets you can collect and evolve are just that – collectibles. They serve no other function.

I’m not gonna go to 100% though. No way am I doing that.Faerie Solitaire consists of several stages, each stage of a couple of levels, and each level of a bunch of “hands”. Each of these hands is basically a single, simple solitaire game. In my short time of playing it, I managed to complete the first stage, get to the second level of the second stage, find and evolve two pets and waste far more time than expected. I’m thinking I’ll probably complete this game, since it isn’t to annoying and seems to be a good time waster.