Final Fantasy Tactics A2 Grimoire of the Rift (DS), Part 9

I played it in the morning for a while. I did a few quests, none of them related to the main story. I unlocked a few nice items at the Bazaar including the Masamune. My main character is now level 40 and will soon be switching to the Parivir class. I’m going to train him as a Paladin/Parivir with a Ninja level every now and then for the speed. My Nu’Mou is now an Alchemist/Sage, and that is what he will probably remain as for the rest of the game. I have a Gladiator/Defender Banga, but I’m not sure if I should replace him with a Monk/Master Monk. One of my Vieras will be a Red Mage/Summoner and the other a Sniper/Assassin. I also have a Moogle Thief/Juggler which is there just for stealing and disabling opponents with daggers.

EDIT: I completed a dozen more quests, one of which unlocked the Scholar job. I probably won’t be using it since it’s more a gimmick then a real job. My main character however, finished learning the dual wield ability and is now a Parivir. After learning most of the Parivir skills, I will make him a Paladin to learn that skill set to. My Viera Sniper now has all the prerequisites for the Assassin Job, and has already mastered the two Assassin abilities I had available. She is now a Sniper again. I will probably replace the Assassin skill set with the Archer one when fighting undead, to use the Burial ability.