Final Fantasy Tactics A2 Grimoire of the Rift (DS), Part 14

The quest count is now 160. I advanced the story again, but haven’t unlocked any new classes. Luso has mastered the Paladin job and will probably remain a Parivir for the rest of the game. I may train him as a Ninja for a few levels for speed, or as a Paladin for defense. I’m 59 hours in the game, the story is probably about 75% done, and Luso is level 50.

EDIT: The quest count is now 174. Most of my characters are now nearing the end of their builds. I have started training Adelle, so she can replace my Moogle thief. Cid finally caught up with the rest of the team, and I have dismissed some of the weaker clan members, so the average level can be lowered. I will probably end up with my main 6 clan members on high level, and maybe one or two backups. The backups will be one of each race, and they will learn the prerequisites for all of their jobs, so that I can dispatch them on quests when necessary. Luso is now level 53, and the rest of the guys are around 50. Adelle is level 15, so that will be a problem. I’m 63 hours in the game.

EDIT2: The quest count is 178. I have just dismissed all of the characters I have “on the side” and don’t use. They were all low level, so that lowered my average clan level. Now I can recruit high level units from the start. As I said, I will recruit one of each race, and make all of their jobs available. I will mainly use them for dispatch and wanted quests. Cid has mastered the Master Monk job, and has learned all of the available White Monk jobs. Adelle is now level 17. She’s still useless, but not for long. I also unlocked a bunch of new items at the store.