Final Fantasy Tactics A2 Grimoire of the Rift (DS), Part 13

I played it pretty much since I woke up, so I’m taking a break now. The number of quests solved rose up to 143, and I have unlocked the Viking and Trickster jobs. Luso is now level 45, and I have unlocked a bunch of oriental blades at the shop, so he’s back to being a Parivir. I’ll play some more later. Oh, by the way, I have been playing for a total of 53 hours.

EDIT: The quest count is now at 150, and I have advanced the story by two quests. The bard didn’t have any info about my dreams, but he has decided to join my clan. I probably won’t be using him, but it is nice to have a unique character. The auction season started again so I got a bunch of cool new items. I got the Zeus’s Staff, the Master Sword, Genji Armor and a bunch of other high end equipment pieces.