Final Fantasy Tactics A2 Grimoire of the Rift (DS), Part 15

I’ve finished 193 quests and advanced the story even further. I have kicked out my Nu’Mou Sage/Alchemist, and replaced him with Hurdy the Bard (and currently a Black Mage to). He learned geomancy, so he can kick as even at level 37 he’s currently on. Adelle is level 25 and I have decided to turn her in to a Seer. She has already learned a bunch of High Magick abilities but isn’t very useful yet. I also hired a Banga at level 30, and I’m training him every now and then.

Today, I actually looked at the back of the game box, and there it says that there are over 300 quests in the game, so I guess my 68 hours could turn in to about 120 before the game is complete.

EDIT: After finishing another story quest, Adelle has left my clan. She will probably be back, but it still sucks. Anyway, the quest count is now 198, and the auction season started again, so I’m in the middle of that now.