Pokèmon Platinum, Part 4 [COMPLETED]

I went to all three lakes and fought Team Galactic commanders there. Afterwards, I had to follow them to the Galactic HQ and defeat the boss there. For defeating him, he gave me a Master Ball. I followed him to Mt. Coronet, where he opened a portal to another world. In there, I fought Giratina. I reloaded my game several times to try and catch it with a Dusk Ball, but after about 40 of them wasted, I decided to use my Master Ball. He was doing way to much damage to me and I didn’t have a paralyze attack, so I saw no other choice. Anyway, now I have a Giratina, but I’m not using it in my main team. I want to win the game without legendary Pokèmon.

Also, somewhere along the way, I won the seventh gym badge and my Pichu evolved to Pikachu. He is now around level 40.


Today, I continued on to win the eight gym master. Thanks to Garchomp and his Earthquake move, the electric type gym was the easiest yet. Afterwards, I got HM7 Waterfall and continued to Victory Road and the Pokèmon league. After defeating my rival for the last time (I hope) I continued to fight the elite four and in the end, Cynthia. The elite four where easy, but Cynthia took a few tries to defeat. After defeating Cynthia, my name was put in the Hall of Fame list and the credits started rolling.

So I loaded the game after the credits and started in my room again. My rival said that I need to get on a ship in Snowpoint City so I guess that’s what I’m going to try next.