The Witcher [15] – All Over the Place

After some walking about, waiting for Shani to finally get to the hospital, I finally managed to get through the autopsy. The conclusion was that the victim died due to an alchemical poison, while the stab wounds were made post mortem, in an attempt to hide the true cause.

I was convinced it was Kalkstein, so I went and accused him. He got mad, so now I think I kind off killed all the quests I was doing for him. On the other hand, the Sephiroth quest is still available, so maybe there’s a chance to make amends, in case he actually isn’t to blame.

Since Shani helped a lot, I offered to return the favor, which got me on a bit of a weird quest. Apparently, she wants to throw a party in someone’s honor, so she needs liquor. I guess a mood change was in order, but the quest is still a bit out of the blue, in my opinion.

In any case, I got back to the swamp and went straight to the loggers. I gave the gnome his share of the money I got from the ferryman and continued to the north, to talk to the druids. I stumbled into Siegfried’s party on the way there, though. They were in the swamp to dispose of a group of Scoia’tael but he got injured, so he asked me to lead his men.

The Witcher, Siegfried in the Swamp

Siegfried is part of a choice between two sides, it seems.

I finally got to the druid camp and, as expected, they are able to create a storm for me. The problem was, they are also quite a greedy bunch. They wanted 500 oren for the favor! I tried to figure it out by myself by messing around with a group of pylons around the golem, but I just managed to hit myself with a bolt of lightning instead.I was a bit rash in accepting and this caused my fetch quest for the elf from the druid camp to fail. I guess he was part of the Scoia’tael. Instead, I solved this quest, which means I’ll now be able to buy stuff from the order’s armorers and merchants, since I’m a friend of Siegfried now.

I agreed to give away half of my current money and went back to the golem, with the storm now in full force.  I stuck a lightning rod into it and it came to life. The fight wasn’t really hard, but it was a golem, which meant it took me an extremely long time to kill it. It might be I could’ve used the pylons to hit him with lightning a few more times, but I couldn’t figure it out, so instead I just did it manually. I ran around, hitting him with my steel sword, which did slightly more damage than the silver one, for around ten minutes before it finally went down. I got his heart, which I can use to make an intellect potion, as well as one of the Sephirots. I only need one more.

The Witcher, Golem

The golem was hardy, but not hard.

For now, there was nothing else I could do at the swamp, so I decided to go back to town