The Witcher [16] – New Discoveries

I got the liquor Shani requested, so I brought it to her. She invited me to the party and told me to bring a friend, so I asked Zoltan if he would like to come. He really is my only friend in Vizima, as far as I can tell. At the party, I met a guy named Dandelion, who apparently hung out with me and Zoltan before I lost my memory.

Dandelion was extremely surprised to see me alive, claiming he saw me dead years ago. Since Zoltan was there at that point to, it’s a bit weird he didn’t say anything until now, but he did confirm Dandelion’s story, so I guess it must be true. I was also told I had a vampire and a dragon for a friend at one point, but the vampire got killed in some battle a while ago.

The Witcher, Dandelion

Dandelion seemed suspicious at first, but he might just be a lovable idiot.

Once all the partying was over, I started exploring the town again. I ran into Siegfried, who also came back from the swamp. He offered me membership in his order, but Geralt outright refused it with me having no choice in the matter.While we’re at the topic of people coming back to life, I forgot to mention that Siegfried heard something about Berenghar in the swamp. It seems he didn’t die, but the Salamandra have taken him prisoner. That’s another thing I’ll have to deal with when the time comes.

I realized the party related quest wasn’t over yet, so I bought some red roses for Shani and gave them to her. She was extremely grateful, if you know what I mean. Apart from the “gratitude” she also told me how she found out Thaler is actually a member of a secret police investigating the Salamandra. This was all the proof I needed that he wasn’t the one working with them, so I could now exclude him from the list of suspects.

Once I told him that, he agreed to get me into the town graveyard. I immediately went to see the grave keeper, who gave me the key to the gate. At the entrance, I also met a woman who was being haunted by her late husband’s ghost, so I agreed to help with that to.

The Witcher, Widow

The Widow is definitely hiding something.

The most important part of the graveyard, though, was a crypt. It was full of undead, including one of the alghouls I needed for a quest, as well as plenty of loot. It also contained something extremely important. In one of the rooms, I’ve found the body of Raymond, the private detective. For a moment, I thought I missed something, since I just spoke to Raymond recently, but once I spoke to the grave keeper about it, it was obvious what was going on. Some sort of creature, or maybe a mage, is using magic to pose as Raymond. He was probably deceiving me all along, sending me on wild goose chases.The graveyard was pretty much empty during the day, apart from some drowned dead. One peculiar thing I found was another relief, similar to the one at the sewer entrance in the temple district. When I click on it, I am able to put an item into the available slot, but I don’t have any items I can put in. It’s probably related to some quest I’m not on yet.

The Witcher, Raymond

The real Raymond, dead.

I’ll probably talk to “Raymond” soon, but I’ll try to solve some of the minor quests first, because I’m thinking the next chapter might be coming.