The Witcher [18] – Chapter III

The Sephirots were the first thing I needed to deal with. I actually had to make a trip to each of the ten obelisks in the swamp area and leave a sephiroth there. Once I was done with that, I was able to enter the tower, while “Raymond” waited outside. I expected a larger area to explore, but it really was just a tower, with a single room.

There was a circle of power there, which taught me what I think is my last sign, as well as a chest with some gold, books and various other items, including the magical book “Raymond” was after.

As expected, when I got out, it turned out Raymond was Azar Javed in disguise. He first summoned an Ifrit to fight me, but that part was easy to deal with. Once the Ifrit was gone, he used a portal to bring in the professor into the fight, so I had to beat both of them. As soon as Javed got to about 25 percent of his health, I got knocked out in a cut scene and both of them used a portal to escape.

The Witcher, Chapter 2 Boss Battle

A single Swallow potion was more then enough for me to beat these two.

I should probably also mention that there’s a teleporter in Triss’ room, meaning I can now travel from there to either Kalkstein’s laboratory, or the swamp tower. Of course, I can also travel from any place of power to any of the three locations.This ended the second chapter and started the third, where I woke up in the bedroom of Triss Merigold. There was another cut scene where the game gave me a reason to be a bit suspicious about Triss to, followed by a lengthy conversation in which I got a quest involving those weird wall reliefs I’ve found at the temple quarter and the graveyard. There are a total of three of them and I need to place beacons in them to help Triss with a detection spell. Finally, IĀ got an invitation to a banquet and that was pretty much it.

Triss’ house was in the trade district, which meant I now have access to this new area. I decided to do things a bit differently compared to the temple district. Instead of visiting the merchants, I went to explore the area first and basically pick up anything that wasn’t nailed down. I did the opposite in the temple area, so I ended up finding a lot of books I’ve read already, because I bought them from the merchants.

The Witcher, Trade District

The Trade District was a bit laggy for me.

While exploring, I made a quick stop to the graveyard to leave the beacon at the relief there. I also found a relief within the trade quarter and finally, when the exploration was over, I went back to the temple district to leave the last beacon at the sewer entrance there. At this point, I saved my game and decided to take a break.The decision to switch it up turned out to be the right one, because I’ve found several books and even traded one for an extra red meteorite I have. I also got a bunch of quests and a couple of items which will probably allow me to instantly solve a few quests I might get in the future. One of these is Dandelion’s lute, which he left at a girls room because he got chased out by her father.