Avadon: The Black Fortress – 11. Nathalie and the Drake

I arrived to Kellemderriel. and spoke to the duke. The peace negotiations have been going well, but they need my military expertise again, this time in dealing with some bandits. They reside in Kellem and regularly raid Holklandia. I am to track them down and “solve” the issue. The duke also thought I should know about a rogue Hand in the woods. He said I probably won’t encounter him, but I should know anyway.

I spoke to Monitor Shigaz and we went on our way. Of course, helping my companion was of highest priority, so I went back to the dragon’s lair first. She wasn’t there, but she left a message. The dragon seems to have fled for the mountains, so she went after him. The only visible landmark upon arrival was a tall tower, so I went straight for it.

Disclaimer: The following paragraph will contain a spoiler which might give you a puzzle solution for this area. If you do not wish to be spoiled, skip it.

The passage up was closed, so I took the stairs down. However, even though I went through several sets of stairs, I wasn’t going anywhere. It looked like I was walking in circles, and I wasn’t able to figure out how to move forward, so I eventually gave up and left the tower. As I was leaving, Sevilin said he heard a screen to the northwest. I rushed there and found a new passage through the cliff side and into the woods.

After fighting lot’s and lots of ogres and wretches, I eventually found Natalie cornered in a place in the woods. I helped her fend of her attackers, but she was already injured. Her hand was scarred by acid, and It didn’t look like any spell will make the scar go away completely. She almost died, but she didn’t want to give up yet. She joined my party and we decided to hunt the drake.

It was obvious the drake was back in the tower, so we returned there. This time, with Nathalie’s help, we broke the illusion and found the way further. There was another riddle a few floors down, but this time, the illusion was easily dispelled. Soon, we reached the bottom, but all that was there was a malevolent spirit. One he was destroyed, though, Nathalia sensed the drake’s presence in the upper levels. Sure enough, he was back in the main hall the whole time, concealed by one of his illusions. The battle was tough, but we won in the end, and I got a nice robe for Nathalia.