Avadon: The Black Fortress – 1. Spiderweb

I started this one recently, but then I reached my decision.Since it was a pirated copy, it had to go and I was sad. Luckily, it was on a discount at Steam yesterday (might still be, haven’t checked) and I bought it for 3.50€. It was a good investment and it will keep me entertained for a long time. How do I know this? Because it’s made by Spiderweb, and their Exile/Avernum and Nethergate games rock. Their Geneforge series is OK to, but not my cup of tea.

Redbeard of Avadon: The Black Fortress

This is Redbeard

Anyway, I didn’t go too far last time, so I decided to restart the game. It’s a completely new world, but somewhat similar in style to Avernum. I took my time to read all the dialogs, and learn some lore about the world. Apparently, Avadon is this big important fortress that watches over all of the kingdoms in an alliance. This alliance of kingdoms is surrounded from all sides by the nations of the Farlands, if I recall correctly. A guy named Redbeard runs this fortress and commands the Eyes, the Hearts and the Hands. The Eyes are guards and watchmen, the Hearts are commanders and advisors to Redbeard and the Hands are his agents, which he sends on various important missions. The player is one of these Hands and he has just started serving.

Also, from what I understood from a conversation, the position of the fortress “controller” gives Redbeard power and anyone who kills him replaces him on this position. Plenty of people have tried, but no one succeeded.

I decided to play with a Sorceress, the default one, though I can’t remember her name right now. I introduced myself to the staff, learned a bit about the lore and got my first mission – enter the dungeons below the fortress and stop a prisoner escape in progress. I also got a choice of one of two companions – a warrior and another sorceress. I’m playing on normal, so I decided to go crazy and run with to spellcasters. It worked out fine – it was quite easy actually, so I’m considering raising the difficulty level.

I’ve cleared the dungeon, disposed of a few prisoners and returned to the ground level. One of the Hearts sent me to meet Redbeard, which I did (and got a medal for it) and then I was assigned to my second mission – go to another town and do some stuff there. Honestly, I can’t remember right now what my second mission is and that was where I stopped playing, so I will give a better description in my next post.

In any case, Avadon is a nice, fun, old school game, which I think I will greatly enjoy.