I’m 75 hours in to the game, and I’ve completed 210 quests. The story is almost complete, and as far as I know, I have one more quest until I finish it. Luso is level 58, and I have recruited Vaan and Penelo. Vann will be my new thief, as his skills are quite useful in that area. Adelle is level 32, and I have unlocked her special job – the Heritor. The job has some nice skills, but I’m keeping her as a Seer until she learns all of the level 2 Black Magick spells. Hurdy is level 46 and I’m training him as a thief to increase his speed. My Viera Red Mage/Summoner has learned double cast, and is now one of the most powerful characters I have. I’ll go play some more now.

EDIT: I’ve completed the main quest line, and with it, completed the game. The final quest consisted of three battles with a possibility to save between the first two. Luso ended up on level 59, with most of the characters (except for Adelle) closely behind. After the end credits stopped rolling, I was offered to save the game one more time. This gave me a “game completed” title on the save I chose. I’m guessing that completing the game unlocked some extra side quests. The final quest count was 211. I will off course continue to play the game and finish the rest of the side quests, but right now, I think I’ll start another game.

199 quests are solved now. I have advanced the story further, and got Adelle back. I had to fight her and she was level 46, so I hoped she would stay that way, but no such luck. Luso is level 55 now, and I have played the game for 71 hours. I have unlocked the Geomancer and Lanista jobs. The next story quest will take me against Vaan and Penelo, so I’m hoping I will be able to recruit them. There seems to be a Sky Pirate job (based on the weapons I have acquired) and a Dancer job, so that’s probably them. Both pages of the book at the top screen are almost completely filled (there’s room for two more lines), so I’m guessing the main story is almost over to.

I’ve finished 193 quests and advanced the story even further. I have kicked out my Nu’Mou Sage/Alchemist, and replaced him with Hurdy the Bard (and currently a Black Mage to). He learned geomancy, so he can kick as even at level 37 he’s currently on. Adelle is level 25 and I have decided to turn her in to a Seer. She has already learned a bunch of High Magick abilities but isn’t very useful yet. I also hired a Banga at level 30, and I’m training him every now and then.

Today, I actually looked at the back of the game box, and there it says that there are over 300 quests in the game, so I guess my 68 hours could turn in to about 120 before the game is complete.

EDIT: After finishing another story quest, Adelle has left my clan. She will probably be back, but it still sucks. Anyway, the quest count is now 198, and the auction season started again, so I’m in the middle of that now.

The quest count is now 160. I advanced the story again, but haven’t unlocked any new classes. Luso has mastered the Paladin job and will probably remain a Parivir for the rest of the game. I may train him as a Ninja for a few levels for speed, or as a Paladin for defense. I’m 59 hours in the game, the story is probably about 75% done, and Luso is level 50.

EDIT: The quest count is now 174. Most of my characters are now nearing the end of their builds. I have started training Adelle, so she can replace my Moogle thief. Cid finally caught up with the rest of the team, and I have dismissed some of the weaker clan members, so the average level can be lowered. I will probably end up with my main 6 clan members on high level, and maybe one or two backups. The backups will be one of each race, and they will learn the prerequisites for all of their jobs, so that I can dispatch them on quests when necessary. Luso is now level 53, and the rest of the guys are around 50. Adelle is level 15, so that will be a problem. I’m 63 hours in the game.

EDIT2: The quest count is 178. I have just dismissed all of the characters I have “on the side” and don’t use. They were all low level, so that lowered my average clan level. Now I can recruit high level units from the start. As I said, I will recruit one of each race, and make all of their jobs available. I will mainly use them for dispatch and wanted quests. Cid has mastered the Master Monk job, and has learned all of the available White Monk jobs. Adelle is now level 17. She’s still useless, but not for long. I also unlocked a bunch of new items at the store.

I played it pretty much since I woke up, so I’m taking a break now. The number of quests solved rose up to 143, and I have unlocked the Viking and Trickster jobs. Luso is now level 45, and I have unlocked a bunch of oriental blades at the shop, so he’s back to being a Parivir. I’ll play some more later. Oh, by the way, I have been playing for a total of 53 hours.

EDIT: The quest count is now at 150, and I have advanced the story by two quests. The bard didn’t have any info about my dreams, but he has decided to join my clan. I probably won’t be using him, but it is nice to have a unique character. The auction season started again so I got a bunch of cool new items. I got the Zeus’s Staff, the Master Sword, Genji Armor and a bunch of other high end equipment pieces.

Supreme Commander (PC)

I’ve been playing this mostly today. I only did a few missions in the first campaign, but it took about four hours of my time. I noticed that it’s to just build a small army and use it to protect my engineer group that in turn builds turrets and pushes forward that way, then to only use the troops for offense.

Final Fantasy Tactics A2: Grimoire of the Rift (DS)

I’ve also played this game for a while again. My main character finally became a ninja, and I have advanced the story further, meeting Vahn and Penelo on the way. I’ve also unlocked the Chocobo Knight class.

I played this for a while today. I solved a few quests including one I couldn’t before because I didn’t have a Green Mage. My character is now level 38. He’s leveling slower because I’ve been mostly solving Clan Trials which don’t give much experience. He is one skill closer to becoming a Ninja tough. I haven’t played much because I didn’t have the time, but I will be playing more tomorrow.

Another few hours invested. I advanced the story, and solved a few side quests. I think it’s about time to start planning my endgame party, so I trained a Viera Archer/Sniper, and a Nu’Mou Sage. My main character is currently a Paladin/Fighter, but right now he’s training as a Thief to unlock the Ninja job (so I can improve his speed and learn a few useful skills). My Summoner started learning red magic to supplement her summons. My Banga will probably be a Defender/Gladiator with a few levels in Trickster for speed. My Moogle is a classic Thief/Juggler, so he isn’t very useful in battle, but I use him for loot stealing. I’m also training a Moogle Fusilier just in case.

EDIT: I’ve collected all the star coins from the third and the fourth world of New Super Mario Brothers. I’ve also found all of the secret passages on the map (including all the cannons). I haven’t played Final Fantasy…

EDIT2: Just cleared the fifth world of New Super Mario Brothers…

EDIT3: World 6 cleared!

So after another long break, the summer has finally begun. I got a bunch of games I missed trough last year, and I’m currently catching up on TV shows I missed. I recently finished New Super Mario Brothers for the second time. Right now I’m collecting all the gold coins I missed (the first two worlds are cleared). I’m also playing Final Fantasy Tactics A2: Grimoire of the Rift, currently about 25 hours in, and nowhere near the end. I’ll try to get some work over the summer, so I can pay for my tuitions (and maybe invest in some new entertainment gadgets), but mostly, I’ll be playing games. I will also try to turn my blog in to a daily routine.

EDIT: I invested a few more hours in FFTA2. It’s really a great game. I managed to become region champion in all regions of the starting continent, and I did a few item auctions already. I got a Genji Helm, and a few other nice items. My main character is now level 36, and I’m planning to train him as a ninja for a few levels, because he’s really slow right now. I also tried Civilization Revolution for the DS. I like it, but it could have been better. I really hate the constant animation stuttering. It’s pretty obvious that the DS wasn’t the primary platform.