Gothic [8] – The Minecrawler Queen

I Spoke to Cor Kalom and Got an “Awesome” Reward

Yesterday in Gothic, I have just delivered the first focus to Y’Berion and he asked me to give it to Cor Kalom. Today, I did just that. Cor Kalom happily accepted the focus, giving me a random, measly reward for it, but he said he needs something else to start summoning the Sleeper. I personally didn’t even realize that’s what the focus was for, but it doesn’t really matter. In any case, what he needed was minecrawler secretion, but his only source, minecrawler mandibles, isn’t pure enough. I needed to get to the Old Mine again and figure out if there’s a pure source of the secretion.

Gothic - Pure Secretion

Pure secretion then? There’s only one place I know that has any secretion.

Do Monsters Respawn in Gothic?

I made my way there, killing monsters along the way. Since I’ve already thoroughly cleansed the area of monsters, I can now confidently say that monsters do respawn in Gothic. I don’t think all of them do and it takes quite a while for this to happen, but they do respawn. I’m also not sure if it happens after a real time period has passed or after a certain amount of in-game time or in-game days have passed. In any case, if someone wants to, they can grind levels and money in Gothic. It might even be a good idea to kill everything as early as possible, to get more respawns later on. This is something I haven’t been doing, instead waiting to get the gathering skills first, so I could get more money out of my kills.

I Went to Search for the Minecrawler Nest at the Old Mine

I got to the Old Mine and spoke to some of the templars stationed there, as instructed by Cor Kalom. They told me there must be a minecrawler nest somewhere in the mine, so I naturally concluded that’s where I can find a pure sample of the secretion.

I explored the entirety of the mine, searching through abandoned shafts and hidden areas, killing the minecrawlers in there. Now that I had the Shadow Armor, the minecrawlers did very little damage to me. Considering they are worth 130 experience each, it was very rewarding to kill them, so I got two or possibly even three levels in total while in the mine.

In one of the shafts, I also found a weapon upgrade – The Stone Breaker, a one-handed mace. I’m not sure how the game mechanics work. It’s possible that a mice swings a bit slower or even that it has a shorter range than a sword, but I was definitely doing more damage with it, so I decided to keep it. In some of the other areas, I’ve found a ring or two, but nothing of importance.

In one larger area, there was a piece of machinery I couldn’t figure out what to do with. Targeting and using it started an animation of turning a lever, but then it would just stop. I spent a few minutes trying to figure it out, but then I just gave up and went further down the main shaft.

At the bottom, I finally found a closed gate with the same piece of machinery and a guard in front of it. He told me the gate was closed because minecrawlers kept getting through it, no matter how many they kill. I immediately asked him to open it, but he sent me to Ian to get permission. Ian then asked me to get a replacement gear for the machinery in front of the gate, because it broke recently. I gave him one immediately. Apparently, I picked it up at the machine in the abandoned part of the mine without even noticing.

Gothic - Light

I’m glad I had that Light scroll on me.

I went back down to the guarded gate, telling the guard Ian allowed me to open the gate now. He had one more condition – I needed to get the three templars as backup before opening the gate. Two of them agreed helping without issues and one of them wanted a healing potion before joining in, which I happily gave to him.

I Fought and Killed the Minecrawler Queen

We opened the gate and minecrawlers started pouring in from the darkness. The three templars cleared most of them and I went in, but only after casting a light spell, since the place was almost completely dark. I fought minecrawlers throughout the tunnels and at the end of it, finally found a nest with the queen inside.

Gothic - Minecrawler Queen

The queen was easy to kill. It didn’t more or touch me.

The minecrawler queen had a lot of health but it was easy to kill. It couldn’t move and it wouldn’t hit me, even if I attacked it from close range. I just swung my Stone Breaker for a while until it was dead. I got 2500 experience for it, my quest updated and after that, I picked up a few of the eggs around the queen’s body. The eggs are what Cor Kalom needed as a source of pure secretion.

I Became a Guard

I went back out of the mine and reported in to anyone who seemed in charge along the way. Ian gave me a crate of beef as a reward and Drake, the guard at the entrance, told me Thorus hear about what I did and was asking for me.

Gothic - Stone the Smith

This is my new favorite person in the Old Camp. He has the stuff!

Since the Old Camp was along the way to the Sect Camp, I stopped by and Thorus promoted me to the Guard. He sent me to stone, the blacksmith, to get my weapon and uniform. I got the first level guard armor, which was only slightly stronger than the Shadow Armor I was carrying, but it was an improvement and it was free, so I was happy about it. I also got a Guard’s Sword, but it was weaker than the Stone Breaker, so I didn’t equip it. Stone was also selling the next two levels of the guard armor, but I didn’t deserve it yet, so he wouldn’t sell to me.

I Went Back to the Sect Camp

I went back to the Brotherhood Camp and gave the eggs to Cor Kalom. I was able to choose my reward. I decided to go for the weapon, so I got another Stone Breaker. That was disappointing, but I decided to stick with my choice. I have plenty of potions and I don’t think I could have used the magical rune, which was the third choice.

I asked Cor Kalom if he could summon the Sleeper now, but apparently, one more thing is missing. He couldn’t figure out how to use the focus, so he needed an almanac with the instructions. I already had it, or to be more precise, one of his apprentices had it and was supposed to deliver it, but he got mugged by a gang of black goblins.

Gothic - Talos

No relation to the Elder Scrolls or ancient Egypt. Talos is just a novice that got mugged.

He told me where Talos, the apprentice was and he asked me to help him. Based on the description, I knew exactly which gang of black goblins it was, because I already killed a few of them, but I had to speak to Talos before I did anything about it. I went and spoke to him and he agreed to guide me to their lair. He’ll do that tomorrow.