Gothic [9] – The Goblin Cave and the Orc Cemetery

Yesterday in Gothic, I was told that the almanac with instructions on how to use the focus stone was lost to a gang of black goblins. Today, I asked Talos to guide me to the place where he got mugged, even though I already knew where it was.

I Recovered the Almanac from the Black Golbins

He led me to the bridge where I already cleared a small group of goblins. That was a while ago, though, so one of them respawned in the meantime. I killed it and then went inside the cave, where I was killed in seconds last time. This time, it was still quite risky, but I managed to survive long enough to heal between waves of goblins. It’s a small cave, but I must have killed at least twenty of them before I finally got some alone time. I got the almanac, as well as some random treasure and got out, taking Talos back to the Sect Camp.

Gothic - The Almanac

It’s great that you can read the almanac, but the good stuff is left to the imagination, I guess.

I Witnessed the Attempt to Awaken the Sleeper.

Cor Kalom gave me another reward and told me to go to the courtyard in the evening, where the awakening of the Sleeper will take place. I crashed a random person’s shack and rested until midnight (gotta love sneaking), before going to the temple courtyard.

Gothic - Cor Kalom

His quests are worth a lot of experience, but Cor Kalom is getting annoying.

Once there, a video started playing. Y’Berion started the ritual, there was a bunch of lights and everyone had the same vision – an Orc in a cave somewhere. Then, Y’Berion fell unconscious.  Cor Kalom was seriously annoyed by this, but he still gave me my reward. I asked for ore this time and I got 300 of it. Cor Angar, on the other hand, gave me my next mission.

Gothic - Cor Angar

Cor Angar is down to earth, reasonable and far less condescending than Cor Kalom.

He recognized the cave from the vision and from his description, I recognized it to. It’s the cave I stumbled into when I first explored the area around the Sect Camp. It’s on the hill above the large waterfall, with a giant skull as the entrance. I had Talos lead me there, even though I didn’t have to and immediately fought some orc hunters at the entrance.

I Entered the Orc Cemetery

There was a lot of orcs in the cave, which turned out to be a cemetery. There was also a lot of dead templars as well as mummified orcs (again, cemetery). I looted the templars, killed the orcs and pillaged the mummified bodies for items, mostly scrolls, potions and jewelry. Killing the orcs wasn’t the toughest part, but it was still pretty tough. Taking on more than one at a time usually proved fatal, so I used the slow, but effective tactic of luring them one at a time and killing them in the previous room.

Eventually, I got to the point where I met a Baal who survived. Of course, I forgot his name again. He decided to follow me and help me figure out what I needed to do here, but he wasn’t much help. This brings me to the toughest part – figuring out what to do.

I Solved the Puzzle of the Orc Spell Scroll

First, I found half of a scroll in one of the side caves. I gave it to the Ball and he told me it was an orc spell scroll and that I needed to find the other half. Then, I spent about twenty minutes in the room with a large amount of mummies, hoping the scroll would be there. It wasn’t, but I got a lot of valuable items, including some straight up upgrades for my rings and amulet.

Gothic - Orc Cemetery

Spoiler Alert! This guy goes crazy and tries to kill you.

However, figuring out there are hidden switches around the grave alcoves made me look for those switches in other places to, so I found one in the bottom room of the cemetery. This opened a steel gate and let me in a small room with more random treasure and the other half of the scroll. Combining the two gave me the spell scroll, but it still needed to be translated. The Ball did that part himself, as soon as I got him into the correct room, which was the one I met him in. It was a Teleport spell.

I then moved on and got into the large room where there used to be an orc warrior and a group of scouts or hunters. I used the scroll there, next to what was obviously a hidden door and the spell teleported me to the other side of it. From in there, I could open the door and let the Baal in.

A few rooms after that, I found a skeleton with an awesome sword next to it – The Sword of Death. That was about all I found, though. I equipped the sword and it turns out it was just in time. Not finding anything made the Baal go crazy and attack me. I took him down, but as usual, I didn’t kill him.

I Went Back to the Sect Camp

I returned to the Brotherhood and described what happened to Cor Angar. He was actually extremely understanding so I decided I like him. He said Cor Kalom went rogue and decided to awaken the Sleeper himself, but also asked me to get some healing herbs for Y’Berion. I already had them on me, so I just gave them to him. Unfortunately, it didn’t help and Y’Berion died. He did manage to say one thing before he was gone, though. The Sleeper was not who we think he is and we should not wake him up.

Gothic - Above the Sect Camp

Jumping into the lake seems shorter, but it’s a long swim. Walking around might actually be faster.

This makes Cor Kalom a problem, but it also gives me a new mission. Cor Angar sent me to the New Camp, to try the water mages escape plan. He also instructed me to take the focus and the almanac from Cor Kalom’s laboratory and deliver them to the mages, so I went to the lab and took both of those.

I Got an Armor Upgrade

Before I went to the New Camp, I decided to go to the Old Camp to report to Raven and spend the 20 skill points I had. I used those to increase my Strength by 15 and my Dexterity by 5 and then reported to Raven. This completed one of the quests and allowed me to buy a stronger guard armor, though I still wasn’t able to get the strongest one. In any case, I can now handle fire, weapons and arrows much better.

Gothic - Guard's Armor

More quests done means better gear for me.

I Fought at the Arena

With my new gear, I decided to finally take down the strongest arena fighter – the one from the New Camp. He didn’t want to officially fight me, so I just took him down on the spot. He fell in two or three hits and this was worth 200 experience to Scatty. Underwhelming overall, but at least it was out of the way now. Tomorrow, I’ll be going to the New Camp.