The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past [13] – The Tower

Once I approached the equivalent of Hera’s Tower in the dark world, the crystals broke the seal and opened the entrance. This was a huge dungeon, with several bosses of the previous dungeon reappearing to fight again. This is another way of the game showing me how strong I got since I started. Thanks to my sword and armor upgrades, most of these bosses died in just a couple of hits, without even touching me.

A Link to the Past, Red Mail

The game’s strongest armor!

Even though it’s the last dungeon, this one also had a special item – The Red Mail. It’s another armor upgrade, just as the blue mail was. I actually got the boss key and the armor quite early in the dungeon, even before the compass, which was very helpful and basically required to advance far enough before dying.

Eventually, I got to the wizard. The strategy to fighting him was still the same, except he now made three copies of himself to add extra attacks. I still only had to beat the real wizard, though, so it didn’t take long. After about five of his shots deflected back at him, he was down. Then, Ganon rose up from his dead body, turned into a bat and disappeared. Link followed him all the way to the Pyramid of Power, where the bat crashed through the roof.

A Link to the Past, Ganon

Ganon! Who knew!?

In the first phase, Ganon was just throwing his trident around, which was easy to avoid. After a few hits, he added a spinning fire circle and fire bats to his arsenal, which was much, much harder to get away from. I used the staff for some protection and kept hitting him until he started jumping around. I still had some magic, so I continued with the staff and the sword swings until he went invisible.Before I entered, I used my mirror to go to the light world and then my ocarina to get to the potion shop. I already had two bottled fairies, so I bought two blue potions to stock up completely. Then I entered the dark world and used the “Save and Quit” shortcut to get to the pyramid for the final battle.

At that point, I used one blue potion to refill my magic and hearts and then started using the Fire Rod to light up two torches, which made him visible for a few seconds. I kept hitting him with a sword, but it didn’t seem to go anywhere.

A Link to the Past, Ganon Defeated

I’m guessing it becomes less and less surprising in later games.

Then I remembered what I had to do in the original Legend of Zelda. I hit him with a sword, which got him stunned and then fired a silver arrow at him. This seemed to hurt him, so I kept repeating it for another three or four times and then it was over.

I won!