Ys: Origin [3] – Rado’s Annex

Silent Sands, as the new area was called, was difficult at first, but after I gained a few levels, I had no problems handling it. This time, all the different areas intersected to a great degree, so there was a lot of backtracking. This was all made simpler once I’ve found an item which allowed me to double-jump. With this in hand, I’ve found some secret items, including a new pair of boots, and encountered Lady Reah (I mistook the other twin for Reah, when in fact she was Feena, so I’ll correct that in my previous logs). She had the pearl with her and told me she needs to get to the top of the tower to do something important. She was also very obviously sad, so I’m guessing she’s hiding something big.

Ys: Origin - Rado's Annex

That tower doesn’t look sinister at all.

She also said her captured sister was kept in a smaller floating tower connected to the main structure via a bridge. I soon got to that bridge and met two of the mages from the search party, as well as another mage who I’ve been hearing a lot about up until now – Hugo Fact. I believe he’s the other playable character and is supposed to be an extremely powerful magic user. He sensed something powerful and evil in the small tower so they were all hesitant to go there without knowing what it is. Since Yunica doesn’t have such issues with magic, she decided to go first. The gate sealed behind here the moment she entered, and the sorceress from the hostile party revealed herself. I believe her name is Zava, but I can’t remember right now. If you haven’t realized it by now, I’m really bad with names.

Anyway, Zava summoned a demon to attack me. The fight wasn’t too complicated. All I needed to do was to dodge everything on the ground trying to hurt me and hit it every chance I had. Since I played a lot of World of Warcraft in the past, it wasn’t hard to move out of stuff on the ground. I guess I learned something from that game. The demon was soon destroyed and Zava was about to attack me, but then a sinister sounding voice told her to retreat. She referred to the voice as Lord Dalles (or something similar – bad with names), so I’m guessing he is their actual leader.

Ys: Origin - Demon Boss Battle

Surprise, surprise! Another demon!

She retreated and the rest of the party came in after me. On the floor above, there was a demonic gate with a strong enchantment, blocking the way to Lady Feena. One of the mages said the enchantment only allows demons through, so I’ll need to trick the gate into thinking I’m a demon.