Ys: Origin [4] – Silent Sands

I returned to the tower base and spoke to everyone, as usual when I’m stuck. One of the students told me of a secret area in one of the rooms in Silent Sands. I went there and found a demonic ring. Hoping it would help me get past the gate, I brought it to the small tower. However, the ring was depleted of its power, so it didn’t work. Hugo did notice how the design similar to some of the undead enemies in Silent Sands. Sure enough, killing a few of those charged the ring. Now the problem was, if I wear the ring, it would kill me outright, but that blue necklace I used to get past the trap in the early game stopped that from happening. I put the necklace and the ring on and approached the gate. The ring was destroyed completely, but the gate opened.

Ys: Origin - Opening the Demon Gate

Yunica has a tendency to just do things, without overthinking it.

As expected, Lady Feena was there. She was trapped under a force field, but fine otherwise, so she finally filled Yunica and the rest of the party in on what was happening. The black pearl and its magic is what created the demons. While it does give plenty of advantages to everyone in Ys, this is an unavoidable side effect of using it. The goddesses were hoping they could destroy both the pearl and the demons by bringing it to the tower. This is why it’s imperative to find and help Lady Reah.

The commander ordered the sorcerers of the party to stay and find a way to remove the force field, while the knights, including Yunica, were ordered to continue the search for Lady Reah. Before that, thanks to what she did, Yunica got promoted to a full-fledged knight.

I continued exploring the Silent Sands and soon got to the boss. This one was a plant like monster and I had a really hard time defeating it. There was so much damage coming from so many sources, I just couldn’t avoid getting hit well enough. After several failed attempts, I decided to take the easy way out and do some training before fighting the boss. Gaining a total of three levels seemed to do the trick and the boss was then easy to deal with.

Ys: Origin - Silent Sands Boss

This was an extremely annoying and difficult battle.

The next area was called Blighted Blood and it had a high-tech/corrupted nature theme. Tanks to the extra levels, the monsters there were easy to deal with, and the traps and puzzles were more skill oriented, so they weren’t hard to get past. Eventually, I’ve found the save point and encountered Lord Dalles in the next room. The rest of the knight squad used the opportunity to try and ambush him, but nothing worked. He played with us for a bit, but finally decided he was sick of it and turned everyone but Yunica to stone. After he teleported away, I contacted the tower base via the magical shell I got at the start, and was told to get advice from the priest or Lady Feena on what to do next.

I was tired, though, so I decided to end my session here.