Ys: Origin [6] – Yunica’s Story Completed

As expected, the rod opened the mirror portal, and I entered the Halls of Reflection. The place was basically a teleporter maze, but not too complex in design, so I managed to get all the loot and find the exit soon enough. At the exit, Zava was waiting for me with a trap. Luckily, Roy got there in time to free me and I managed to beat her eventually. There was a huge price, though.

Ys: Origin - Yunica Death Scene


Defeating her revealed the stairs to the top level, the Devil’s Throne. It was not a very difficult place, but the enemies definitely took longer to kill. Eventually, though, I managed to clear it and get the final piece of my gear, a pair of boots with a chance to negate any attack. Once this area was cleared, I had access to the tower summit, where Dalles was waiting.

Ys: Origin - Boss Battle Against Ax Man

It’s payback time!

Before that, though, there was one more fight to win – Yunica’s father’s murderer was there. He was beaten on the first attempt. It was a close call, but thanks to one last boost attack, he well with me critically low on health. I ascended the stairs and approached the summit to face Dalles.

Thanks to all of Yunica’s friends, I managed to get past his defences and engage in combat. It was a hard fight and I lost several times, before I decided to try and get a few more levels. I returned to the Devil’s Throne and gained a single level, bringing me to 50. This was enough to finally beat the boss and finish the game, at least with Yunica. The ending sequence was bittersweet, revealing there was one more, huge price to pay, but I was done.

Ys: Origin - Yunica Ending Scene

The End

Time to try my luck with Hugo Fact now. I hear he’s a bit more difficult to play with.