Away: Shuffle Dungeon – 2. The Super Nose

I was playing it on a train today, and I couldn’t take notes while playing so I’m afraid this one wont be as detailed as the last few. I will do better next time.

I returned to some of the dungeons to level up, get new fupongs and make some money. After a while of doing this, I started to explore the town again and soon found some food supplies by the river. Upon examining them, another portal opened, this time to a watery dungeon. A few levels in, I managed to find Giggles and returned with her to the city, but only a moment to late.

Away: Shuffle Dungeon Characters

The characters of Away: Shuffle Dungeon

The chief was there, waiting, and told us that Macey and Helmut grew impatient and decided to go and find Giggles by themselves. I went back to the watery dungeon and ran into them immediately. They over-geared, so their armor and weapons were to heavy to move around. They got attacked by a giant snake monster, so I had to kill it myself. We went back to town again and Giggles scolded them a bit. She then explained all about feng shui and how the position of a shop affects the merchandise, prices and growth. Then I got the chance to re-position the armor and weapon shop properly.

I did some more exploring and found a bottle of garlic(?). This opened a portal to a new dungeon, this time a fiery one, where, after some more exploring and fighting, I’ve found another villager, called Walter, if I remember correctly. I brought him back, but he turned out to be another monster in disguise, so I had to defeat it. The chief then gave me a “super nose” so I could see smells and find the real portal to where Walter is. It was in the southeast of the shop area and I entered the dungeon, but got killed, even after several attempts. This is where I saved my game and stopped playing. I will attempt the dungeon again tomorrow.