Away: Shuffle Dungeon – 8. Yula, Ula, Majique and Tylor

My hardware troubles continue. The replaced GPU worked like a charm and the computer was used for 3 days, but then a new problem appeared. This time, the computer freezes on the POST part of the boot screen. I can’t do anything about that from the software side, so I left it at the shop so they can look into it properly. I can expect it next Tuesday or Wednesday.

Away: Shuffle Dungeon, Sword swinging a Huge Ax

Sword’s name doesn’t limit him. He can also swing huge axes.

I guess I have time to complete this game now. Anyways, I had a really hard time guessing where to go next after saving Camelia as Anella’s new house was empty and I was supposed to listen to her talk in her sleep. Finally, I found out she’s actually still sleeping at the chief’s house in the guest room. She gave me a total of three hints, which means I’ve found three new dungeons, one outside next to Camelia’s house, one inside Camelia’s house and one in Anella’s house in a vanity mirror.

I cleared all three of these and freed the twins Yula and Ula, the wizard Majique and the flaming “decorator” and “fashion guru” Tylor. All three of the dungeons weren’t easy and took allot of attempts to clear, but eventually I did it. During all this, Anella gave me a new hint which allowed me to found the fourth dungeon in the twins’ house so that is the one I will be tackling next. For now, I’m taking a break, since my headache is back in full.