Away: Shuffle Dungeon – 9. Kaanvas, the Painter

I had some time to play today and I advanced the game pretty far, so I’m not sure if I will be able to remember about all the things I did, but here goes…

The twins’ dungeon was where I found Belisarius (not sure about the name), who seems to be the final villager that required rescue. He got stung by a monster so I had to take him to the doctor as soon as we got back to the village.

Away: Shuffle Dungeon, Anella


I went on to visit Annela and she just woke up so we went to the beach. Soon enough, a huge earthquake happened and Annela fainted again. I took her to the doctor and went to inspect the damage. The earthquake opened up a large fissure at the center of the village and an actual traffic light appeared there. I looked in the darkness bellow and discovered another dungeon. This one was strange, all high tech and electrical and there was no one to save in there. There was a giant robot that attacked me, however, so I had to fight him. Once he was gone, I continued to the next level but the door was locked by a password. Luckily, a teleporter was there that took me back to the village, so I didn’t have to go back on foot.

I went to check up on Anella and she was delirious again, saying something about how she was late to a play and was at the traffic light when the light took her. Since her sleep talking lead me to a bunch of other dungeons, I decided to go check the traffic light at the fissure and, sure enough, I discovered another techy dungeon. This time, I found a prisoner at the bottom, but he wasn’t a villager. He accused me of being one of the aliens who abducted him with their UFO, but Sword had no idea what any of those words mean. In the end, I managed to convince him to go back to the village with me. We spoke to the chief and he said that he fully expects me to find a way back to the guy’s world if I continue exploring all the different dungeons. The man introduced himself as Kaanvas, the painter. He decided he would paint this strange world he is in while waiting for me to find him a way home.

I went back to Anella and this time she was talking about how the traffic lights are programmed to keep blinking when there’s a parade or a festival in the city so I decided to go check the light again. Nothing was there so I first went to speak to Kaanvas and then to the chief. Kaanvas shoved me a painting he was working on, which contained a tree and a strange shiny object next to it, while the chief gave me his super nose to try and find a clue that way. I used the super nose to find “Control Chip B” and then I’ve found “Control Chip A” next to a tree, just like on the painting that Kaanvas painted.

I used the two chips on the traffic light and opened up two new dungeons. This is where I decided to take a break. Which dungeon I will tackle next, I’m not sure, but both of them will be tackled eventually.