Away: Shuffle Dungeon – 7. Camelia, the Musician

Just a short one today, since I played for 10 minutes total. I went to search for Annela and found her at the beach. She seemed to be sleepwalking and said something in the lines of “three steps west, two steps north and then two south again”. I decided to follow the instructions and this unlocked a portal to a new dungeon, this time an icy one again.

Away: Shuffle Dungeon, Sword on a Bridge

This is a bridge in the town.

The dungeon was quite easy and I soon reached the bottom level, where I’ve found Camelia who seems to be the town musician or something. I brought her back with me and she mentioned how everything seems distant in her memories, like it happened ages ago. The chief came to see us and told me he found Annela while I was in the dungeon. She is in his house now. I went to my house to save the game and stopped playing.